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Example calculation

Calculation of thermal sleeve

Input data

          left side   right side    
  Distance to loading point   s       mm
  Forces:   Fx       kN
Fy       kN
Fz       kN
  Moments:   Mx       kN·m
My       kN·m
Mz       kN·m
  Inside pressure in sleeve   pR     bar
  Inside pressure in pipe   pr     bar
  Outside pressure   p0     bar
  Sleeve cylinder inside radius   Ri     mm
  Sleeve cylinder wall thickness   eR     mm
  Sleeve cylinder length   LR     mm
  Sleeve cone semi–apex angle   α     °
  Sleeve cone wall thickness   ec     mm
  Pipe inside radius   ri     mm
  Pipe wall thickness   er     mm
  Calculation angle   φ   °


          ¦σmax¦   σV Tresca   σV v.Mises    
  Sleeve sections:   A         N/mm²
B         N/mm²
C         N/mm²
D         N/mm²
  Pipe sections:   E         N/mm²
F         N/mm²
  Weld sections:   G         N/mm²
H         N/mm²


  1. Sketch
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