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Example calculation

Fatigue analysis acc. to TRD 301 App.1

for cylindrical components

Component and operating data:

     Value   Unit 
Outside diameter of the vessel dos mm
Wall thickness of the vessel ems mm
Stress concentration factor αm  

Material properties:

     Value   Unit 
Elastic modulus E  MPa
Poisson's ratio ν   
Differetial thermal expansion coefficient βL diff 10-6 1/K
    Density at 20°C ρ20 kg/m³
    Heat conductivity λ  W/m/K
    Differential heat capacity cp diff J/kg/K
or Thermal diffusivity Dth mm²/s
Ultimate tensile strength Rm 20 MPa
Yield strength Re MPa

Cyclic loadings data [h.] [bar] [°C] (max. 1000 points):

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