Displacements and rotations of the header

according to FDBR handbook


This calculation is only a simplified estimation, and does not replace a detailed design calculation.


Operation data and measurements:
 Name   Value   Unit 
Outside diameters of the tube leg, da mm
Wall thickness of the tube leg, s mm
The number of groups in the header, zg  
Distance between the groups, tg mm
Radius of the header(?), r mm
Elasticity module, E N/mm²
Poisson´s ratio, μ  

Measurements of the tube leg:
  ai, m bi, m ωi, deg
Tube leg 1 
Tube leg 2 
Tube leg 3 
Tube leg 4 
Tube leg 5 
Tube leg 6 
Tube leg 7 
Tube leg 8 
Tube leg 9 
Tube leg 10 
Tube leg 11 
Tube leg 12 
Tube leg 13 
Tube leg 14 
Tube leg 15 
Tube leg 16 

Forces and moments:
Original Sketch:
Examination sketch: