Calculation of the stresses in an even pipeline system

according to calculation description in Walter Wagners "Pipeline Technology"


This calculation is only a simplified estimation, and does not replace a detailed design calculation.


Entire data:
 Name   Value   Unit 
Outside diameter, da mm
Wall thickness, s mm
Montage temperature, θ0 C
Bow radius, R m

Material properties:
Material short name
Norm title : Edition
Temperature °C
Elasticity module, E N/mm²
Thermal expansion coefficient, βL  1/K

Pipeline data:
  Typ  Length (m) | Direction 
Pipeline piece 1 
Pipeline piece 2 
Pipeline piece 3 
Pipeline piece 4 
Pipeline piece 5 
Pipeline piece 6 
Pipeline piece 7 
Pipeline piece 8 
Pipeline piece 9 
Pipeline piece 10 
Pipeline piece 11 
Pipeline piece 12 

Loadings and operation temperatures:
Name Load case 1 Load case 2 Load case 3 Load case 4 Load case 5 Load case 6  Unit 
Operation temperature, θ  C
Operation pressure, p  bar
X-displacement of the clamping point A, ΔxA  mm
Y-displacement of the clamping point A, ΔyA  mm
X-displacement of the clamping point B, ΔxB  mm
Y-displacement of the clamping point B, ΔyB  mm