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Example calculation

Rectangular flange with narrow face gasket

according to BS PD 5500 Enquiry Case 5500/133

This calculation is only a simplified estimation, and does not replace a detailed design calculation.

Input data

  long side   short side
  Flange inside edge length     mm
  Bolts center lines distance     mm
  Outside dimension of the gasket     mm
  Hub thickness at the flange back   mm
  Diameter of the bolt holes   mm
  Bolt outside diameter   mm
  Number of bolts   mm
  Maximum bolt spacing   mm
  Gasket width   mm
  Gasket factor m    
  Minimum gasket seating stress   MPa
  Inside pressure   bar(g)
  Flange material design stress     MPa
  Hub material design stress     MPa
  Flange material elasticity modulus   MPa


  Minimum flange thickness   mm
  Minimum hub thickness a   mm
  Minimum operating bolt load   kN per bolt
  Minimum gasket seating bolt load   kN per bolt
a the required thickness of the adjacent rectangular vessel shell plate
should be additionally determined using an appropriate method
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