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Example calculation

Calculation of flange forces and bolting/gasket stresses

from the specified tightening torque

Input data

  Pitch diameter of the screw thread   mm
  Root/neck diameter of the bolt   mm
  Thread pitch   mm
  Half flank angle of the thread   °
  Outer diameter of the bolt head or nut   mm
  Through-hole diameter   mm
  Number of flange bolts    
  Allowable stress for bolts   MPa
  Inner diameter of the gasket   mm
  Outer diameter of the gasket   mm
  Inside pressure   bar(g)
  Specified tightening torque   N·m

Friction coefficient combinations:

  Combination number  
  Friction coefficient for the screw thread  
  Friction coefficient for the joint face  


  Combination number  
  Longitudinal bolt stress   MPa
  Equivalent bolt stress   MPa
  Stress efficiency for bolts   %
  Bolt force (per bolt)   kN
  Bolt force (total)   kN
  Montage gasket pressure   MPa
  Operating gasket pressure   MPa
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