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The software for engineers and designers, which are searching for online-calculations and material properties databases has been prepared for you here.

The demo versions of the applications can be free downloaded and the numerous examples for online-calculations can be executed without registration and of course free of charge.




Through the online calculations you get offered the possibility where you can evaluate engineering calculation very quickly, easy and cheap.

For many of our online-calculations you can find a few examples which can be calculated without registration.

You have to registrate yourself and open an account to do your own calculations.

You can find the prices of the online-calculations on our price list.

Please read the User Agreement.




These programs can evaluate temperature fields, stresses or heat fluxes, and can be useful for designers to estimate the parameters of the constructions in the concept finding phase.

These programs can be very interesting for pupils and students, too.

The Demo-versions of the programs can be free downloaded, installed, copied and used.

If you wish to buy the full version of a program, please contact us.


Online databases

Online databases

The online databases offer you the oppurtunity to get to know as well as physical as mechanic-technichal time-dependent properties of the industry most used materials, and to export the property tables in your calculation (e.g. finite element) programs.

For the licensing reasons, only material database "R" can be published completely. Please turn to us, if you are interesting in using of other databases.

Although the material database "R" is free, you have to register yourself to use it.

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