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Example calculation

Elastic characteristics of tubesheets

in accordance with 2013 ASME B&PVC Section VIII Division 2

This calculation is only a simplified estimation, and does not replace a detailed design calculation.

Input data

  ASME VIII-2 design rule and option         
  Tubesheet hole pattern         
  Tubes-to-tubesheet junction         
  Tubesheet thickness   h    mm
  Diameter of tube hole   d    mm
  Tube pitch   p    mm
  Radius to outermost tube hole center   ro   mm
  Nominal outside diameter of tube   dt   mm
  Nominal tube wall thickness   tt   mm
  Expanded length of tube in tubesheet   ltx   mm
  Total area of untubed lanes   AL   mm²
  Modulus of elasticity for tubesheet material   E    N/mm²
  Modulus of elasticity for tube material   Et   N/mm²
  Allowable stress for tubesheet material   S    N/mm²
  Allowable stress for tube material   St   N/mm²


  Tube expansion depth ratio   ρ     
  Effective tube hole diameter   d*    mm
  Effective tube pitch   p*    mm
  Basic ligament efficiency for shear   μ     
  Effective ligament efficiency for bending   μ*     
  Effective elastic modulus ratio   E*/E     
  Effective Poisson's ratio   ν*
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