Piping komponents under external pressure

acc. to EN 13480/13445, AD 2000 B6 and PD 5500 3.6 for cylidrical pipes


This calculation is only a simplified estimation, and does not replace a detailed design calculation.


Input data:

Material type     
Product type     
Minimum 0.2% proof strength  Rp0.2 t  N/mm² 
Modulus of elasticity  Et  N/mm² 
Poisson's ratio  ν   
Outer diameter of the pipe  Da  mm 
Out-of-roundness  u 
Pipe wall thickness  e  mm 
Pipe manufactoring tolerance  c1 
Pipe corrosion allowance  c2  mm 
Unstiffened pipe length  l  mm 
Thickness of the ring stiffener sheet  b  mm 
Width of the ring stiffener  h  mm 
Required external design pressure  p  bar