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Example calculation

Stiffening ring for domed lining

subject to weight and pressure loads

This calculation is only a simplified estimation, and does not replace a detailed design calculation.

Input data

Program description


The online-program "Stiffening ring for domed lining" calculates the minimum required thickness or width of the bandage ring to withstand a radial force caused by vertical loads at the outer edge of the lined dome inside the pressure vessel.

A slope angle of the dome at the outer edge, dome loads (weight, pressure difference, and additional force), width or thickness of the bandage ring, and maximum allowable stress for the ring material should be entered as input data.

Additionally, a reinforcing effect of the vessel shell can be considered if shell dimensions, allowable stress, and design pressure are entered. The effective reinforcing length of the vessel shell is evaluated in accordance with AD 2000 Merkblatt B9 German design code.

Thus, the minimum required dimensions of the bandage ring are calculated as follows:

  • from the specified dome loads – weight, pressure difference, and additional force – the total vertical dome force is evaluated;
  • the total vertical dome force is transformed in the dome radial force;
  • from the dome radial force and allowable stress the minimum required bandage thickness or width is evaluated;
  • if the reinforcing effect of the vessel shell should be considered, a radial load caused by the specified design pressure is added to the dome radial force, and the vessel shell strength is considered in the evaluation of the ring dimensions as per AD 2000 Merkblatt B9 German design code.

The allowable stress values for the bandage ring and vessel shell can be taken from the internal material database – a double click on the corresponding input field opens the material selection dialog.

      outer edge slope   °
      total weight   kg
      pressure difference   mbar
      additional force   kN
 Vessel shell
      outside diameter   mm
      thickness   mm
      length   mm
      inside pressure   bar
      allowable stress   MPa
 Bandage ring
      height   mm
      thickness   mm
      allowable stress   MPa


 Dome edge forces
      vertical force   kN
      radial force   kN
      tangential force   kN
 Bandage ring
      height   mm
      thickness   mm
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