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Example calculation

Fatigue assessment of welds based on elastic analysis

according to 2015 ASME Section VIII Division 2 Part 5

Input data

          Time point 1   Time point 2    
  Elastic membrane stress   σem       MPa
  Elastic bending stress   σeb       MPa
  Temperature   T       °C
  Weld thickness   t     mm
  Yield strength   Sy     MPa
  Modulus of elasticity   Ey     MPa
  Poisson's ratio   ν      
  Cyclic stress-strain curve          
  Prediction interval          
  Modification factor   fE      


  Elastic stress range   Δσe     MPa
  Nonlinear stress range   Δσ     MPa
  Stress range parameter   ΔSess     MPa·mm10/45


  Permissible number of cycles   N
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