Interactive Tables and Small Tools

Allowable measurements deviations and weight of the pipes  
Mass of the heat insulation of the pipes  

Allowable stresses  
Interpolation of creep rupture strength values  
Equivalent design parameters acc. to Larson-Miller relation  

Allowable operation thinkness of the flange  
Dimensions of apparate flanschen  
Fictitious flange thickness  
Rating-Comparation for Local Stress Analysis of Nozzle-Flange  
Rectangular flange with narrow face gasket  
Bolted flange connections with ring type gaskets according to 2015 ASME BPVC Section VIII Division 1 Appendix 2  

Stresses analysis according to ASME B31.3 and FDBR-Standard  
Pipe bends under internal pressure (ASME B31.3, API-530 and FDBR)  
Minimum required wall thickness of tubes for fabrication of bends  
Dimensions of tubes to be used for fabrication of specified bends  
Dimensions of bends fabricated from specified tubes  

Stresses at beams and welded joints (Original Edition)  
Stresses at beams and welded joints (Extended Edition)  

Calculation of thermal sleeve  under construction

Calculation of the reduction piece  

Circular plate with hole acc. to Draft DIN 3840  
Unstayed flat plates and heads  

Rectangular tubes acc. to TRD 320 and EN 12952-3/9.3  
Beams of the catalyst basket support  

Buckling strength after Euler  
Minimum required tube weld thickness  
Thermal stresses according to AD-2000 Merkblatt S3/7  
Reinforcing beams according to TRD 305 Section 5.4  

Tightening torques and forces  
Tightening torques for special gaskets  
Calculation of critical length of engagement  
Calculation of required flange bolt loads  
Calculation of required gasket properties  

Transformation of forces and moments  
Convert of nozzle components weights to forces und moments  

Need for fatigue analysis acc. to 2001 ASME VIII-2  
Screening criteria for fatigue analysis acc. to 2013 ASME VIII-2  
Fatigue analysis acc. to AD–2000 S2  
Analysis for cyclic loading - EN 13445-3  
Fatigue analysis acc. to EN 12952-3 and TRD 301 App.1  
Fatigue analysis acc. to ASME 2001 VIII Div. 2  under construction
Simplified elastic-plastic ratcheting assessment nach ASME VIII-2  
Fatigue analysis acc. to ASME 2011a VIII Div. 2  
Fatigue analysis acc. to KTA 3211.2  
Creep-fatigue damage limit calculation  

Calculation of mean temperature of a tube sheet  

Nozzle in vessel  

Calculation of eyelets  
Eyelets for mounting vessels and apparatuses  
Stresses in supporting lugs  
Lifting lugs on apparatuses acc. to DIN 28 085  


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